PremiaFaqs has been launched with the motive of pulling together the community of individuals interested in Premium Products and pooling their knowledge, information and ideas.

The sole aim of the portal is to create a platform for people within and outside the Indian Premia Industry to remain updated with what is going on in the market currently.


The website brings forth the campaigns – old and new, that involve Premia, telling you what, how, when and where they took place, along with whether they clicked with the audience, or needed more attention to detail. It includes various case studies; examples of brand licensing that were successful, as well as upcoming opportunities.

It includes Interviews with various individuals within the industry as well. And, it has the ‘You Speak’ section where people can express their opinions, questions or ideas about the business.



Essel Marketing and Promotions Pvt. Ltd. – a company with over two decades of experience in the field, has taken on this Herculean task.

Essel had to strive hard to gain knowledge about the industry due to the lack of such a platform. So, it was only natural for them to feel responsible toward the industry and provide quality information to those involved. 

Premia Case Studies
Being a promotional marketing firm can be tough, especially now when plastic-based promotional items might not be a sure shot hit with consumers trying to go green.

Brand Licensing
“Beauty and the Beast” has smashed the box office! Disney’s planning and strategy to turn animated classics into live action hits had to work which is why marketing researchers have guaranteed licensing opportunities via the several upcoming movies.
Kapil Narnaware, Brand Manager, Heinz India Pvt. Ltd., shares his views on the Premia industry and provides fascinating insights into consumer behaviour.