Go Green with environment-friendly promotional products

With climate change being deemed as a looming crisis today, promotional marketing firms are finding it hard to get more consumers onboard.

Plastic-based promotional items, merchandise is frowned upon by many customers, traders who now wish to take the green road. It is time companies changed their modus operandi and became more sensitive and responsible towards requirements of the environment and the planet as a whole. Is it too difficult to accomplish? Not really.

Make your giveaways environmentally responsible:

As per recent researches, companies looking at technically advanced yet ‘environmentally good’ ideas for promotional items can keep the following few aspects in mind:

When producing electronic promotional items like flashlights or calculators, choose products that are designed to save energy or are solar rather than battery-powered.

Disposable giveaways and marketing collateral should be made from recycled, biodegradable or reusable materials to lessen landfill waste and depletion of natural resources.

Apparel giveaways such as tee shirts, hoodies and fleeces should be made from organic fabric materials and with environmentally-safe dyes.

Reusable giveaway items — like tote bags, snack containers or water bottles — can help communicate a brand’s environment-friendly message. Electing to stamp a companies’ branding on a reusable item not only reduces the need for disposable items, it also helps reinforce the ‘go green’ message as recipients will see the brand logo every time they use their giveaway.

Examples of electronic promotional items that convey that you are an environmentally responsible marketing firm:

  1. Solar-powered electronic device chargers
  2. LED flashlights with recyclable batteries or hand cranks
  3. Solar-powered pedometers and heart rate monitors

Being environmentally-conscious not only means reducing your carbon footprint, it also means repairing damage done by greenhouse gases to the Earth’s atmosphere. Marketing companies can use green giveaways, such as planted flowers and seed paper as keepsakes when gifting to their clients on occasions and festivals.

These are small but valuable steps, and when implemented responsibly by marketing firms, they have the potential to power the green pledge.

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