Say Bello! to your favourite Minions

They are said to be existing since life first originated on Earth. They are cylindrical in form and yellow in colour. Flaunting their denim overalls, they have successfully created ripples in the fashion scene. Their name is synonymous with their love for bananas and penchant for singing. You guessed it right, it’s the Minions.

Ever since we first saw them in Despicable Me (2010), Minions have found a special place in our hearts. Never mind their childish ways, their quirky mannerisms, their garbled lingo (Minionese, anyone), the yellow capsule-shaped adorable-looking creatures have hit a popular note with kids as well as grownups.

With the Despicable Me franchise on an expanding spree, the popularity of the endearing yellow henchmen, too, is on an upswing. Minions is a trademark and copyright of Universal Studios. The buzz is only getting bigger, with brand licensing generating quite an upsurge in product promotions, merchandising et al.

Minions in their most prolific avatar star in Pramara’s latest catalogue. The company has been successfully creating brand extensions in the licensing space through creative products and brand integration through promotional licensing, product licensing, event and tactical licensing. Minions were designed for Mondelez International for markets in Malaysia, Indonesia, India.

Would you like a Minion of your own?

Pencil Topper: With a Minion on top of your pencil, we are sure you’ll make the write connection.

Rolling Minion: Their antics make us say, “ROFL”. So, here’s one for your roll-play (pun intended).

Fidget: A fidget spinner with Minions is the best addition to your playthings.

Character Spinner: Though they resemble one other (a lot), no two Minions are similar. Spin this toy, have a go at differently-dressed Minions.

Changing Eye Expressions: Make your eyes spy the changing expressions. Play with your friends and see who wins.

Shooter: A Minion and a banana and a shooter, need we say more? You would want this cool toy in your collection.

Twister: Check out a hippy Stuart in a rainbow tie and dye costume atop a twister and play till you win.


Meet the Minions

Kevin: He is supposedly the responsible one, an unofficial leader who sported a buzz cut on his debut.

Bob: He is short and bald with heterochromia (his eyes are green and brown in colour). An adorable one, Bob loves to have Tim, his toy bear, by his side all the time.

Stuart: His is the one-eyed Minion with impeccably combed hair. Stuart is a music aficionado and loves to play ukulele.

Among the ever-growing list of names, Minions who are deemed fit for honourable mention are Mel, Steve, Dave, Bill.

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