Be amoosed, grab a Milka toy & join the cow-moo-nity

It made its global debut in 1901, and has remained a favourite since then.  And with a cow as its mascot, the tale just becomes legendairy. Milka, a chocolate brand by Mondelez International, has been wowing quite a many patron. The name is synonymous with its lilac-coloured packaging and Lila, an adorable white cow with a bell around her neck. What’s more, she’s covered in lilac spots as she strikes a pose in the Alpine meadow.

The Milka fact sheet by Mondelez International throws up some very interesting facts. For instance, the brand name Milka is a portmanteau derived by splicing two main ingredients in the chocolate, Milch (milk) and Kakao (chocolate or cocoa).

Pramara’s Milka series creations for Mondelez for their China market features pull-back cars, finger puppets, as also cute Milka cow figurines topped with mobile fans that deliver massively on flaunt value - which is what Mondelez was looking for brand Milka in the global market.

You may find your favourite mascot figurines cowmooflaged in five different identities. One is a moustachioed gentleman in a corporate suit. Then there’s an old gramps sporting white whiskers. Also, there’s a bespectacled Lila toy smiling all the way, while another one in denim blue is busy ruminating with strands of grass sticking out of the mouth. The last one in the red seems to be bedazzled looking at the world around.

Here’s a dekko at the toys up for grabs:

Figurine Whistles: Blow the whistle, fan the wheels atop the figurines and FWEET as you go!

Finger Puppets: Place them on your fingers and begin your pretend play. You may wish to grab hold of all five of them to complete the Lila family.

Pullback Cars: Get competitive. What could be more exciting than organising your own Formula One with your friends. Remember, the winner takes it all!

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