Why character licensing for kids products' a good Idea, always

Picture this.
XYZ Company has an excellent product line-up. Even the quality of the products is first-rate and as a combined effect, the product that is sure to get customers (read kids) coming back for more. However, the company still needs something more – it needs to bring the product to life. 
Bring the product to life? Isn’t that a weird idea? The product is already selling, right? What more can any company ask for?

Licensed products bring companies into dinner table conversations

When we talk about bringing products to life, we mean facilitating animated and regular discussions about the product. Who among us is the most animated? The answer is kids!

When we offer children character-licensed products, they talk about it. They don’t choose/filter an audience for discussions but talk about their things with everyone. This brings brands, products and company discussions into everyday conversations.

Do adults meet other adults and suddenly start talking about the things they use/like? Seldom, maybe. 
But kids are different. The minute they meet a fairly approachable audience, they start talking about the things that they enjoy the most. Offering them an enjoyable product therefore, brings products into regular discussions.

Why license then?

One may ask here that just offering an enjoyable product is good enough. Why get into the procedures of licensing?

Well, children have a single point focus. They don’t segregate – these are TV/cartoon book things and these are real-life things. The characters that they watch or read are the characters that they want to live with. That’s the best answer to why a licensed product always attracts them better than a regular albeit equally attractive product.

Top brands and licensed characters make a great mom-child story

We’ve spoken about bringing licensed products to kids but the question remains, who buys these products in the first place?

It’s the parents (mostly moms!)
From toothpaste to cereal, the final verdict on what a kid will or will not use lies in the hands of a mom which is why licensing is crucially important. Licensing products make the product visible to a child and therefore, to the mother. She might want to try out a product because the child is so keen on buying the licensed character merchandise coming with it. Quality is the only thing that will keep her coming back for more so there is no denying that (or compromising on that) but for visibility and emotional connect, nothing beats a creative licensed promotional offering!


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