Get a spoonful of your beloved LINE FRIENDS

From sticker characters to becoming a global character brand, LINE FRIENDS has made quite a splash in the world of licensing and brand promotions. The characters Brown, Cony, Sally, Choco and others made their debut as stickers for mobile messaging app Line. The popularity of these characters has grown at an astonishing pace since 2011 when the app was released by Line Corporation.

LINE FRIENDS’ friendly nature, commonplace adventures, ordinary looks resonated with their global fans to whom they owe their astounding success. In 2015, LINE FRIENDS Corporation was founded to “improve its value as a character brand and enhance professionalism of character business,” states their official website. After becoming a global phenomenon, LINE FRIENDS have been incorporated in character products, game, animation, hotel and theme park.

Little surprise then, when Kellogg’s Korea approached Pramara to create products with LINE FRIENDS; one of the most popular global icons in the recent times. The result was cute, innovative utilities and collectibles featuring Brown, Sally, Choco, Cony. These consumer products were supplied to Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

Line Friends Cereal Container: Make your mornings spectacular with cereal containers sporting Brown and Sally. Also, this multi-purpose container can carry cereal as well as milk. Isn’t it super convenient?

Line Friends Character Spoons: Get a spoonful of the characters you adore. There’s Choco, Sally and Brown.

Collectibles: You better hurry as Brown, Sally, Choco, Cony are here. Line up to get hold of your favourite characters as collectibles.


Brown: A kind male bear with an expressionless face. He is Choco’s elder brother.

Cony: She is a cheery and curious female rabbit. She is said to be Brown’s girlfriend

Choco: She is Brown’s younger sister.

Sally: Always ready to help her friends, Sally is a chick who likes karaoke. Some call her Brown’s “tag-along buddy”.

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